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 Rules of the Forum

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PostSubject: Rules of the Forum   Rules of the Forum I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 03, 2018 7:25 am

Rules of the Forum Rules_11
Please be Courteous to One Another - All players and Administrators deserve to be treated respectfully and kindly. If you believe another player is treating you with disrespect, please bring your issue (and evidence) to one of the moderators for resolution. The Punishment System can be found here

As A Courtesy to the Forum Staff, please refrain from pestering moderators to accept characters. Accepted characters will receive a message from moderators as they go through them, and you're welcome to re-post your biography in the proper section once your character has been re-accepted.

All player biographies will be removed with the dismissal or removal of a player, so please keep a copy of your biography saved to your computer. All Biographies should be kept up to date, any excessive changes to your character must be discussed with a moderator before going live. If you have any questions please message either myself or a moderator for clarification of acceptable additions or changes.

For safeties sake, we at Arkheia are looking for players who are older than eighteen. Due to the violent and semi-suggestive content of the roleplays, players under the age of eighteen are not welcome to join in. Players who are found out to be younger than the acceptable age will be unfortunately banned.

Vulgar language is not permitted on our boards and chats. For a list of permitted curse words and other colorful language please consult our list. If you are unsure about the vulgarity of a word, please consult a dictionary. In our more adult roleplays it isn't uncommon for a curse word to be present, depending on their use they may be permitted, but the rating of the roleplay will be augmented to suit these uses.

Spamming, Trolling, Harassment and Flaming are not tolerated in Arkheia. If you are caught spamming, trolling, harassing or flaming another member of Arkheia appropriate action will be taken. Private conversations, extra private servers, profile card bashing, player bashing or passive aggressive action taken on OOC based issues will be subject to punishment also. We hope for safe, happy consensual roleplay and no one should feel unsafe or attacked while being a member of our group.

Cyber Bullying and Infighting will not be tolerated, anything that hints at or potentially leads to cyber bullying should be reported immediately to a moderator or an administrator so appropriate action can be taken. Members are welcome to confront issues as they arise in private conversation, but 'ganging up' on someone who does something you believe is stupid, or disagreeable will not be tolerated. Appropriate action on all the parties involved will be taken. Seeking out drama after the issue is dealt with will subject you to equal punishment as the initial involved parties. Let things lie when they are dealt with.

Please don't try to find a loophole to any of these rules. Trying to find loopholes or pinning the precision of the rules against other members is considered trolling and is not tolerated.  Appropriate action will be taken. No rules are perfect but common sense is more common than you think it is, so use it.

Do not post on the behalf of a banned user, or cause drama because of the ban. If someone is banned there is likely a reason for this to have happened. If you believe someone made the wrong decision in punishing a member leading to a ban, you are welcome to PM a moderator or an Admin about the issue.

Rules of the Forum Trique13
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Rules of the Forum
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