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 Town of Bane: Biographies

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PostSubject: Town of Bane: Biographies   Town of Bane: Biographies I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 03, 2018 8:34 am

This section is dedicated to the character biographies for the Town of Bane Roleplay and should reflect as such. All Biographies should be read and approved by a Administrator or a Moderator before being actively added to this section. For those of you who have prestanding characters in the Roleplay, it is reminded that you are to update according to the Biography Skeleton (found here) to keep things looking neat and tidy.

You are more than welcome to add additional pieces to your biography, such as images, quotes and links to youtube playlists or Pinterest boards. Please make sure your images maintain the image ratio expectations of the biography skeleton itself, for any questions on this matter please ask a moderator.

If you add a biography to this section before it is approved it could be removed and you will need to readd it to the appropriate section (found here) This is your only warning, all Moderators and Administrators have permission to move/delete unapproved biographies. Comments of 'approval' will be added to your initial post.

You are expected to maintain your biography and history should be augmented accordingly. Those who don't maintain their biographies may be asked to readd their biographies with updated changes at a later date, so make sure you keep a spare copy of your Biography(ies) in case of misplacement, deletion or need of update.
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Town of Bane: Biographies
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