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 Alistair Knox Valtierre (De'Anges) Biography

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PostSubject: Alistair Knox Valtierre (De'Anges) Biography   Alistair Knox Valtierre (De'Anges) Biography I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 13, 2018 1:24 pm

NAME: Alistair Knox Valtierre (De'Anges)
AGE: 642
OCCUPATION: Patriarch of the Valtierre Family, Leader of the Highrose Kingsguard, Qunaren
RACE: Angelic Being (Guardian)

MOTHER: Angelique Cecilia De’Anges (DECEASED)
FATHER: Jacques Elijah De’Anges (DECEASED)
SPOUSE: Tsukiko Wren Valtierre (Wife)
CHILDREN: Emily Lune Valtierre (Daughter) Gregory Luke Valtierre (Son) Fiona Elysa Valtierre (Daughter) Sophia Leigh Valtierre (Daughter) Victoria Grace Valtierre (Daughter) Kathryn Selene Valtierre (Daughter) Adia Marie Valtierre (Daughter)
IN LAW: Cassius Blaine Ayzora (Husband of Emily) Faye Tamara Gildenford (DECEASED Wife of Gregory) Marcus Cole Hardock (Husband of Fiona) Rachel Alexandria Astor (Wife of Sophia)
GRANDCHILDREN: Lilliana Skye Valtierre (Adopted Granddaughter) Cassandria Sonnet Valtierre (Granddaughter) Gabriella Rebecca Claire Valtierre (Granddaughter) Caitlyn Willow Valtierre (Granddaughter) Diana Sybella Valtierre (Adopted Granddaughter)
OTHER: The Kingsguard, Gregor Jean-Luc Tully, Avarice Antoine, Demarius Vonhaven, Galatea Morchette, Hesper and Lorelei Orlais, Calcipher Orlais, Dysis 'Cora', Vergil, Yeule and Lumina O'Connor

WEIGHT: 245lbs
BODY TYPE: Alistair boasts a lean but fit body type, making him appear willowy when approached. With his general stature he can be mistake for someone of elven descent and often is called 'proper' for his stance. He is well built, but not intensely muscular and almost dainty in his lightness on his feet. When approached in battle it is often his armor which adds to his impressive height to make up the difference lost in his 'bulk'. His waist is trim and until his adulthood he was considered 'gangley' but has otherwise grown into his limbs. Despite his overall delicate physicality, Alistair should not be regarded as weak, and despite it all his impressive strength is held fast by his nature and overall experience as a trained fighter but also a Kingsguard, keeping him astoundingly fit and well kept.

PHYSICALLY DISTINGUISHING TRAITS: Due to his Lineage, Alistair has hosted an impressive series of battle wounds and other such personal damage, but he has yet to hold onto any long-standing injury, save for a wound to his thigh endured during a Battle in which is heavenly body was damaged by an unholy blade. This has led to something of a limp and will cause him pain here and there (which he is proud enough to silently endure.) As with all his kin, Alistair hosts an angelic marking positioned on his spine which stands to host his wings outside of his mortal flesh. The 'birth mark' as it is so often referred to, is linear in shape, travelling across both shoulders to above his buttocks. Due to his pure-blooded state, Alistair is otherwise unharmed when his wings are summoned due to his marking. It is darker in shade to his natural skin type and has been a part of his body since his birth.

PERSONALITY: Despite his penchant for a lighthearted attitude, often Alistair hosts a serious disposition which often intimidates those he first meets. Generally, a no-nonsense kind of person, Alistair chooses to indulge his vibrant humorous side very little, and that generally causes some kind of tension amongst his peers. Those who know him as a jovial kind of person find him less of a threat, and often Alistair chooses to carry a straight face so to not allow those he interacts with to grow too familiar. Fiercely loyal (almost to a fault) it is his family honor he carries with him, not only in his legacy but also in his future, choosing to stand shoulder to shoulder with his kin over any of those he considers close (including the kinship he's developed with his Kingsguard.) There are very few so lucky to have him on their side, and for those few, he would place his life on the line. He is a patient but loving father, never abandoning the truth of the world for frivolous means (save for Adia, unfortunately) and is no stranger to tragedy. As a husband, Alistair is very private with his affections in public, saving them for private moments in the home, that isn't to say however he doesn't show them actively when around his family as he hopes to secure an understanding in his children about the importance of cherishing their partners, but also their mother. Despite his steadfast nature, there are moments of doubt which cause Alistair to turn in on himself and grow self critical. This isn't to say he has doubts about his comrades, but rather in his own abilities as leader, and looks to those around him to 'raise him up' when he is down. He is diplomatic but also charismatic, never one to run into a fight and often offering advice to his family, and charges but also his leaders. He isn't one to keep his opinions to himself, and values the truth above all else, even if it means potentially harming the emotions of someone else. His bluntness has gotten him in trouble, but he would rather tell it as it is, than risk someone’s hubris getting them into a bad situation.

WEAPONS: Alistair wields a hand crafted blade by he name of Moonshade. The Claymore itself is straight two edged blade made from folded blue steel, and carries the Valtierre family crest. The guard has two down sloping arms, ending in barbed quatrefoils in a smooth decorum, the wheel pommel capped with a smooth cap of steel. The handle itself is a thick 13” and is wrapped with worn black leather rubbed grey from use. The blade is normal by all means but its blue steel is naturally enhanced by the folding of its creation. This enhancement makes it physically bulkier, but all in all packs a better punch than a simple single blade. Without added components, the pure simplicity of pounded steel is a perfect conduit for his natural angelic energy to channel through, the blade bussing with energy while in his hands.

: In his days of becoming a soldier, and furthermore a Knight, Alistair has stuck to full plate armor rather than a lighter set which suits his frame best. With a varying array of plate armors from full décor, to a battle ready set, Alistair had proven his prowess lies in full protection, over the light armor equivalent which would balance out his speed as an angel.  The armor he dons most frequently is a steel reinforced mythril full plate, a helmet belonging to the set and worn frequently, while it obstructs his view. The armor, pounded by the Imperial Smith of Highrose to meld to his body is reinforced strongly over his bust and upper arms. His grieves thickly reinforced around his thighs pounded in a double layer and decorated with the matching insignia to the Highrose honors he has received as a member of the Kingsguard. The tasset of his armor hangs nearly ¾ down his thigh in a single layer of chainmail dyed to match the black plating of the set. The breastplate is tight to his chest and doesn’t give him much room to grown nor move due to its fine decorum, pounded directly into the steel. The body readjusting measurements, returning in gradual time to its usual size and granting him the mercy of full coverage. Over his belly the tight plackart remains scaled to his toned midsection and layered to aid in movement. The armor has strong durability, and remains a white tempered steel appearance as if he is of paladin training. Along his shoulders are the clipping holsters for a fine cape of red, flame resistant material which hangs down close to his feet.  

STRENGTHS: Alistair is a skilled fighter, his natural lineage and victories in battle have proven him thusly as a successful leader as well as a strong soldier. His drive to accomplish things is second to none, and one he puts his mind to something, there isn’t a doubt in his ability to go through and complete all that is necessary to be completed. He has a keen sense of justice, often going above all else to uphold the right from the wrong. His keen sense for the battle field can often be staggering, because of his personal strength due to his race, he has the physical strength to carry all forms of armor, ranging from heavy to light all depending on his personal mood and want of the particular attire. His work ethic is of highest regard, and is often staggering how much effort he puts into the smallest of things.

WEAKNESSES: Alistair often grows too attached to his work, and often loses sight of what’s important in his fight for justice. He can be forgetful, and often this can lead to principle difficulties as a leader in the army. He often grows too attached to menial trinkets, and will spend time ‘fixing; things when he should be focused elsewhere. Alistair is also not fully in tune with his spiritual self as an angel. Often times this can lead to issues when he wishes to use the purifying light of his ancestors. He carries a resounding lack of faith and trust in the creator, instead believing whole heartedly in the group of gods, over the single on. This lack of faith is the source of his issues in regards to his spiritual energies, and often times he finds himself struggling to come to terms with this ineptitude.

PHYSICAL:  Due to his training, Alistair is skilled with a numerous grouping of varying weaponry, but most choicely is his hand crafted blade. While he can be of relative use while fighting with an axe, or bow, he fights best while wielding his short sword, Moonshade, named after Tsukiko, his wife and childhood friend. His peak physical form leads to a great deal of agility, and strength, also added to his natural racial strength. He trains often to uphold his physical appearance and strength at top form, as is expected him as a Knight.

SPIRITUAL: His wings a pure, solid white over his shoulders in a nearly 10 feet in width and measuring nearly 2 feet in width at its thickest size. Upon reaching a peak of intensity as a fully realized angel, he will done a second set of wings directly beneath the first pair in a 7 foot span, just as white as the first pair, and teeming with angelic energy. Much like that of an eagles wing, the feathers will drop out and will replenish faster then that of a bird’s because of magic. These an mostly energy manifested, and not resting within his shoulder blades, instead regularly appearing when large scaled bursts of power erupt forward, he can howeve summon his wings at will. Because of his affinity to flame, his body temperature is unusually warm (much more so when he expends a great deal of energy all at once) He often needs to wear light tunics, with short sleeves for his own personal comfort, his skin being pale, often is deceiving to the natural heat of his skin, warmed by the fire in the pit of his belly. Sometimes his skin is hard to the touch because of this as well. His fire and flame manipulation can go as far as to evaporate the vapor in the air. The control over flame extends as far as to be able to spread his warm  influence over himself in a shield motion of spinning flame. Though not completely the best to offer, the searing flame is so hot in intensity, that at the worst of times, he can harm those around him accidentally.  He can also create veritable daggers of flame varying in size from 4 inches in length to 24 inches and contrasting with one another’s needle sharp cone shape. These buffets of flame arise from his palms and shoot out with an intense speed, cutting through steel with both their heat and speed at best velocity. These daggers could attach to his wings, flying with a gust from around 25 to 65 in a singular gust though needing time to regroup after a gust is released. His body exerts the extra energy she has in an oasis of heat from his pores, he does have control over this, and it is both a blessing and curse when in close quarters with his comrades. Along with his holy, cleansing flame, Alistair is capable of creating miracles in life, his hands carrying a holy energy around them to such a degree that wounds are capable of knitting together in his presence, and demonic blight is capable of being cleansed when he is finally at his peak of angelic strength. While h has the ability of healing normally, it takes a lot of energy and will exhaust him quickly.

From the line of bastards born from the First King of Men and the leader of the angels from the beginning of the Great War, Alistair is naturally royalty by birthright. A joining of bloodlines that was kept pure over a number of generations. The family only began to deteriorate in the last three generations before him, following a pair from his line who wound up barren after delivering him. Due to the turmoil of the opening of rifts, and the culling of angelic beings from the mortal plane, the final De'Anges child, being Alistair, was drawn into the care of the Valtierre family after the families province was raided and his family was wiped out defending their heir, his mother unfortunately perished of her wounds not soon after the culling, his father's body was never found and is presumed deceased.

As he was only a young whelp when brought into the hands and protection of the Valtierre family, Alistair was placed under the care of a man referred to as Gregor, who raised him as his own son. They together lived on the Stronghold property caring for the grounds and horses, as well as travelling to and fro between the continents of Aelton and Swynshore as the family migrated with the winters. Alistair held very few memories of his mother and father, but was raised to believe he was found as a babe by Gregor and raised as his son. As he grew, Alistair began to recognize differences in himself to that of his adopted father, and soon his true nature was revealed along with the threat to him should he allow the world to know of his true lineage. Sworn to secrecy, Alistair took hold of the work of a groundskeeper, not allowing his lineage to determine his path. His 'father' taught him varying trades, from smithing, to horse keeping, and he wasa quite proficient at all tasks lain before him.

As anticipated, Alistair in his youth interacted with the Valtierre children, first Tsubaki and Tsubasa, and finally the final two, Tsukiko and Tsumaru, whose mother perished during the labor. As he was a young boy at this point he had a particular fondness for Tsukiko and her rambunctious nature, play fighting often and quick to dust her off when she was injured. It didn't take long for the two to grow up in one anothers company and bethroth to one another under the orders of the Valtierre Patriarch Kumo. His lineage took into effect and consideration at this choice and despite Tsukiko's desperate attempts to halt the engagement it was set in stone, and Gregor was happy to take the dowry placed on Tsukiko to leave the Stronghold for better lands in Swynshore, never to be heard from again.

Tsukiko, resigned to her fate, was less than thrilled with the opportunity as Kumo taught Alistair all he could about the art of swordplay (and otherwise useless task for a blacksmith) and ordered he take lessons and practise with his peers as often as possible, guiding him as a father figure and a future weapon to assure his position in the courts when the time came to reclaim it. Tsukiko trained alongside him, unwilling to allow herself to be a damsel and unfortunately began to grow fond of the groundskeeper boy who would be king. Soon as they matured into adulthood, they approached the subject of their engagement in an taboo yet intimate way, and were soon close enough to promise their hands willingly, separating from the arrangement as it were to their own guidance.

History unfortunately repeats itself and when word caught of the Valtierre Lineage, the Holdw as ransacked and razed to the ground. Alistair fled to the hills as instructed, guiding the livestock from the flames while Kumo took on his children to flee elsewhere. It was weeks before the fires subsided and he returned from his small campsite in the woods, only to find the hold in shambles. It was here he was picked up by a cart carrier who offered him work in exchange for freedom to explore the ruins. Despite his search, Alistair found no sign of his beloved Tsu and quickly took to mourning her loss, unsure whether she had survived the onslaught, and took to work with the cart carrier as a familiar job to simply pass the time. His true lineage otherwise forgetten in the menial labor of farmhand work and stayed with the cart carrier until his passing nearly two decades past.

Upon the passing of his caretaker, Alistair inherited the mans property as his son and heir despite the truth, and he sold the farm for a hefty price to give him all he needed to buy passage to Highrose to find a new future as a Knight. Before his travels, he took on the work of crafting himself a breastplate and sword both with the Valtierre crest engraved into the fine steel in a hopes to eventually reconnect with his lost love, or at the very least some information about her potential whereabouts if she had survived.

He took to Highrose by ship, paying his passage with the coins of his labor but also what remained of his inheritance, ensuring his use on the ships he became a crew of, meeting several immortals he was happy to fight shoulder to shoulder with. Upon his arrival to Highrose he was given position in the city watch, yet not a knight as he so desired. He bent his knee to the usurper of his throne willingly, offering his services in exchange for a place in the Kingsguard but was turned away by the mortal king. He was instead sent to the stables, a job he was used to, but after an assassination attempt that he thwarted the King rethought his disposition and offered Alistair a position, offering him to the Kingsguard for training.

With the growing civil unrest in the Kingdom of Highrose, Alistair was reaquainted with the Valtierre name, after encountering someone who recognized his crest. He became aware of Tsukiko's whereabouts within Swynshore, now hosting a guild of her own and the title of Guild Master after the passing of her father. After her guild was brought to the attention of the King (who at the time was hiring hands for the upcoming onslaught of war against an opening gateway) Alistair was reunited with Tsukiko after almost a century apart, her now a true adult familiar with loss and struggle and him mirroring the relief in her eyes when they found one another once again. After disposing of the human menace along with their demonic countrparts, Alistair was wounded in the thigh, and after being Knighted for his bravery on the battlefield was given leave to recover, where he returned with Tsukiko to Swynshore for her to tend to his wounds.

It didn't take long for the pair to rekindle their affections, very quickly marrying in her guildhall offering him the title of her namesake, which he took gladly, hoping to halt the De'Anges line at him, for the ages and from there with the Kings blessing worked together to rebuild the Valtierre home to its original glory, that which Alistair had known to consider home. They took together to the ruins of the Valtierre Stronghold, and began the arduous process of rebuilding with the guild to back them. Very soon after their beginning, Tsukiko discovered she was with child. Despite this fact they worked to rebuild the Stronghold to its former glory, returning to the warmth of Swynshore at the beginning of winter where she would finish the remaining months of her pregnancy in comfort from the harsh mainland cold.

He was summoned unfortunately to the side of the King of Highrose before the birth of his first child, as the king was at his deathbed. Given the position of Guardian to the predecessor of his throne, Alistair indeed missed the birth of his children, a set of twins, Emily Lune, and Gregory Luke (named after the man who raised him.)

Now at the side of a boy king, who needed raising and teaching he was made to forgo his position as father to his children for the first three years of their lives, so to ready the boy king to ascend the throne, as it was manned by a council until he was of the right age. He was granted leave very rarely so to return to his wife and children, knowing the danger that awaited them if they returned to the Mainland, it was safer for them to remain in Swynshore, despite the Homestead waiting for them if they once again returned together. Tsukiko was reluctant with these choices and took it upon herself upon the fourth year of his mission to return her family to their rightful home, going against her husbands wishes to bring her children to the home she knew as home and built for them, crossing the sea back to Aelton to withstand a hardy winter, while managing her duties as guildleader from a great distance. Her trusted co-leader, Demarius managing within Swynshore in her absense.

With her proximity to the Capital, Alistair was able to readily travel to and fro more quickly and took the task of learning his children as best he could. Taking orders from his King about encampments in and around Aelton to take down which he did so to maintain his presence in the hold. His relationship with Tsukiko had strained in his absence, but soon once again rekindled the trust between them, and together took to raising their kin to fight as her father had before her. It was only after a direct threat to the hold was made that Tsukiko and Alistair were forced to rejoin the ranks of a Vanguard, placing their children in the trust of a close family friend, Vergil O'Connor, to care for the twins in their absense, once again serving in the Imperial Army of Highrose.

It was during an attack, in the battle known as the 'Battle for Blood Valley' that the true threat to Cyprennus showed themselves blighting the battleground and subsequently wounding Tsukiko with a demonic blade struck just above her breastbone. Alistair flew into a rage witnessing the act of his wife being struck down on the battlefield and struck down the King of Limbo, his ilk fleeing into the mountainside at his falling as Alistairs kinsman cheered in victory. Alistair grieving approached his wifes crumpled body, rejoiced to find her stubbornly clinging to life despite her wounds.

It was only discovered after she was treated that Tsu was at the time, expecting another child and with her wounds refusing to heal, she was ordered back to the Stronghold to recover despite her desire to remain and fight. It was revealed during a heated argument that Tsukiko had known about her pregnancy and had still put herself at risk much to her husbands horror. Alistair was firm in chastening her resolve as he grew irate at the concept of her wounding herself and placing their futures at risk, not only their children but also the child which grew within her.

Due to his victory, Alistair was given leave once again to be with his wife, and stuck through with her throughout the length of her pregnancy. The weapon had blighted her skin and there were fears of the childs safety, as her wound refused to heal throughout the majority. It was only after the delivery of her children, yet another set of twins, being Fiona Elysa and Sophia Leigh was it revealed the blade had managed to damage Sophia during her time in utero giving her the tell tale physicality of a nephilim, one kissed by both angelic and demonic blood.

As the Boy King aged, it became clear there was an issue with the child, who once marvelled in the company of his Guardian (so much so to deny him access to his family) now sent him away as often as possible, keeping him at arms reach. Alistair grew leary of his change and quickly grew uncomfortable with the considerable risks the blood thirsty boy was growing. Unfortunately being sent away gave him time to be closer to his family, and he took the time to grow even closer with his kin. Their first two children nearing twelve and eager to learn the ways of their parents and qucik to pick up the tasks of the two of them. Emily grew to hone the skills of a shield maiden, while Gregory was content to stand as a conduit of protection for his mother and twin sister, rather than join in the fights himself.

As Sophia aged, she began to travel inbetween Limbo via rifts, often rescued by her mother due to her fathers absence. It was during a particularly difficult period that Tsukiko sought the aid of another Nephilim to guide her daughter, Alistair supplying Vergil O'Connor and his family a position in the Stronghold to serve as a guide for Sophia. In this long winter, Tsukiko, despite her wounds, once again expected a child and delivered her final pregnancy of unexpected triplets in the coldest night of the year on her lonesome save for Cora O'Connor (Vergil's wife) aiding her through the difficult labor and delivery. Victoria Grace, Kathryn Selene and a weakling babe, Adia Marie were delivered while Alistair was not present, and despite their best efforts it became obvious that Tsukiko would likely not survive another delivery, as her wound had badly impacted the pregnancy, leaving Adia crippled from the waist down and unable to walk.

As Alistair returned from a long post under his King's guide, it was clear to him something was very wrong with his charge. The boy was hunchbacked, bad tempered and quick to jump to pure violence when it suited him. He was unexpectedly dismissed from his post and returned to Aelton and then Swynshore on leave, allowing him to raise his guild with Tsukiko once again as the children thusly grew, but the eventual onslaught still stood as a threat to Cyprennus and there was no telling what the future held. All that was clear was that Tsukiko, unable to truly fight any longer was simply a standby for her family, hoping to die an honourable death at her husbands side, while his children in their own right grew and matured to become able fighters in her stead.

(Biography will have added graphics asap: 11/13/2018)
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Alistair Knox Valtierre (De'Anges) Biography
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