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 Grace Joanna Corridan's Biography

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PostSubject: Grace Joanna Corridan's Biography   Grace Joanna Corridan's Biography I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 18, 2018 2:58 pm

NAME: Grace Joanna Corridan
GENDER: Female
AGE: 24
BIRTH DATE: May 14th 1994
OCCUPATION: University Student
RACE: Caucasian/American

MOTHER: Alicia Grace Corridan (DECEASED - Turned)
FATHER: Brian Randall Corridan (DECEASED - Turned)
SIBLINGS: Georgia Louise Corridan-Monroe
NIECES/NEPHEWS: Macie Elise Monroe
OTHER: Daniel Elijah Monroe (Brother in Law)

WEIGHT: 160lbs
BODY TYPE: Over the last few months, Grace has steadily toned her body from its soft state to one of a more athletic persuasion. She has a straight, but confident posture, boasting a minimal female stature (very little in terms of feminine 'assets') and a petite waist. Her legs are her most positive attribute, built from running and walking from before the infection even began. Oddly proportionate, she has very little in terms of 'body fat' and knowing it doesn't particularly matter, finds little in herself that would be deemed 'unsightly' (particularly in the eyes of anyone in the new world.)

: Grace has both of her ears pierced, with a second stud in her right ear. While her face is semi-void of freckles, her arms, chest and shoulders speak otherwise, she also has dimples in both of her cheeks which show when she so chooses to smile. Grace has been lucky to only endure a series of bumps and scrapes along the way, but no particular scarring of recent note, save for a very small white scar along the right side of her upper lip from an incident in High School where it split requiring two stitches.

PERSONALITY: In her youth, Grace was somewhat naive and easily manipulated by her school-mates due to her naturally giving nature. She is a naturally fast learner and that tends only to benefit her in the New World, and more often than not she finds alternative methods to manage in the world as it is now. Grace could be considered natural charismatic and makes friends quickly, but has learned to let go just as quickly. Goal oriented and driven towards her plans, she is quick to dismiss plans that would deter her from her end goal, but unfortunately this mentality has a habit of making her rash and somewhat cold to those who have plans which elongate her travel plans, as time is of the essence to her. She is professional in some manner of speaking, and generally polite and well mannered, it only takes one bad move for her to quickly dismiss her party or persons shes interacting with. Taking advantage of her is a bad idea and shes quick to pick up on the 'bad' in people, won't mention it, but will move on quickly without looking back, so watch out, she will not be considered weak or naive again.

Despite her bare bones clothing (plaid over shirt and undershirt, and torn jeans) Grace was lucky enough to pick up a kevlar vest on her travels which she keeps on her person at all times (despite weather conditions) as well as a pair of steel toed boots (which could use replacing at this point.) In her bags, Grace has found a over sized winter fit camo-coat, as well as a lightly worn weather proof jacket which she keeps for the proper weather conditions.

In terms of weaponry, on her person she has been lucky enough to carry a canister of bear mace which has only been used a handful of times against human enemies. This with her fathers old knife (a three and three quarter inch long stainless steel blade) are holstered on her belt at all times and not far from grip. In terms of secondary weapons, Grace has two private .40 caliber semi automatic pistols stored in her bag with two extra clips, which has saves for absolute emergency or trading, one of these guns is presently without ammo, and used as a threat when necessary. Finally, stored in her bag is a machete which has served as a multi-tool, due to the 'gator teeth' along the opposite blade side of the weapon. Her weapon of choice is her hunting knife, as she has found comfort in taking down the infected in close quarters combat, but will use one of her guns in absolutely dire circumstances. Grace has a whetstone on her person for sharpening her blade when necessary but given how little she allows herself to engage in battle, she has very little need for them at the best of times.

STRENGTHS: Grace is a decent scavenger and its from her base survival skills taught from camping trips and scouts which allow her to live off the land as much as possible as well as manage in weather conditions. Due to her scout training, she has moderate campsite understanding, and from random trading encounters, and old campsite discovery she has very basic grip on campsite defenses. Having spent almost nine months on her own now, Grace has procured some very simple fight strategies of her own, as well as random books she has come across allowing her to have a simple yet effective fighting stance when it comes down to it. In terms of personal strengths in her belongings, she has the family vehicle at her disposal, a black 2015 Kia Sedona, with reinforced siding. Inside, she manages her scant belongings, a water proof sack where her weapons are stored as well as her jackets and sleeping bag, as well as several articles of clothing and a bare bones first aid kit. Within the vehicle is a small box of donated canned goods as well as simple cooking utensils (ca openers, pot, bowl, plate, mug as eating utensils) and two file boxes of her fathers old church notes, which she uses as kindling. Finally, Grace has the benefit of her fathers religious knowledge which has been useful on the field more than once, and continues to keep his bible on her person for impractical nostalgic reasons.

WEAKNESSES: As Grace was never particularly 'fit' as she was growing up and has only recently began to rely on her body for anything and because of that her endurance is fairly low. She is a fairly sneaky person and has managed thus far by sheer luck alone but she has had her varying moral dilemma's which has haunted her since. She is rather small in stature, but easily movable if grabbed with very little in terms of defense which could be bad depending on the circumstances. Despite her strong moral faith in a higher power as she was growing, obviously Grace has found discomfort in the manner of dealing with her current circumstances and tries to avoid thinking about it as much as possible. When Grace comes across human beings in need, if she feasibly can help, she does, but if she reasonably cannot, she will drive on past, however if its an animal in need, she will more often than not put herself at absolute risk to do all she cans. Her weak heart no longer applies to humans, but instead to the less fortunate and it could be her downfall.

Before the world went to hell, Grace Corridan had a sheltered semi-perfect life, and could be considered a 'poor little rich girl'. She grew up with both parents and an older sister, wanting for nothing in her small cul-de-sac home in a well to do area of the suburbs. The daughter of a pastor, her family was consistently involved in the local parish, her mother teaching Sunday School, while Grace and her sister Georgia were involved in the church choir. Despite her family's tight knit relationships with one another and their strong faith in God and their government, Grace found herself unfulfilled as a person and never really understood why. Upon entering High School, Grace struggled to find her calling, and knew she was expected to follow in the footsteps of her elder sister, who took a year to travel to Africa as a missionary only to end up settling down young with a member of the church.

Grace entered University persueing a Liberal Art's degree, not having one particular talent in any one field and hoping to find something in her time in University which would inspire her in a direction. It was only after her mother fell seriously ill in the beginning of the infection that she began to recognize her calling in one way or another. With her sister halfway across the state at a military base with her new daughter, it was Grace's job to tend to her mother as her father fell to faith in a hope to aid in his wife's recovery, only to fall victim to the 'illness' as well. Grace, now in charge of taking on her fathers duties as well as maintaining hospital runs found comfort in the loose ended care of herself without the overbearing influence of her family overshadowing her choices.

Unfortunately, Grace never truly received confirmation of her parents passing of more than a worrisome notice on the television that the downtown area had been overwhelmed by the sick, right before the news was taken off the air and her connection to the media world was cut off. Taking base precaution from common sense she barricaded herself into the family home following a violent attack as her neighbors began turning and fortified her home as best she could with what little she had, while making a 'home base' in the basement.

Chaos following the downfall of society made it so after a month or two of safety in the home she grew up in, she was forced to leave in the family vehicle and abandon it on the road following radio signals asking for aid. Grace has no knowledge of the whereabouts of her sister, brother in law and niece and hopes to head towards the Military base her brother-in-law was stationed to not only find safety, but also learn of their fate.
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Grace Joanna Corridan's Biography
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