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 Alice Ling Jiao's Biography

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PostSubject: Alice Ling Jiao's Biography   Alice Ling Jiao's Biography I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 18, 2018 6:43 pm

NAME: Alice Ling Jiao
GENDER: Female
AGE: 34
BIRTH DATE: December 14th 1984
OCCUPATION: Surgical Oncologist
RACE: Asian/American (Cantonese)

OTHER: Lin Jae Jiao (Grandmother - DECEASED)

HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
EYE COLOR: Dark Brown
WEIGHT: 125lbs
BODY TYPE: Alice is naturally petite in size with long dainty limbs, made strong by survival as well as personal training. Due to her lineage its not surprising that she lacks generous feminine proportions of most American's but it never seemed to bother her generally. With a strong straight backed stature and a grace way of moving, she can almost blend into her surroundings due to her size. Alice has what most would call 'pointy' limbs, as her knees and elbows are sharp in appearance, but are used well in terms of close combat. Alice can fit in small spaces with little to no effort on her part and has been mistaken for a child more times than once for her young appearance and height.

: Both the lobes on Alice's ears are pierced with simple studs (having traded her diamond earrings long ago) as well as hosting two separate studs on the uppermost conch of her left ear. This, along with her navel are pierced with simple stainless steel bars (her navel is often unknown to those who aren't intimate with her however.) Along her upper right bicep, a black and white lineart piece of roses sits, which is beginning to show the signs of fading, as she has had it the majority of her adult life, her second (and final) tattoo are the GPS coordinates of her grandmothers hometown in the Guangdong Province, which can be found on the bridge of her left foot. She has a particularly unsightly knife wound slash which travels through the lower portion of her rose tattoo, which scarred the ink but is otherwise without recent or impeding scars or damage on her person.

PERSONALITY: Alice is a blunt, calculating individual, who often times sweeps the emotional considerations of others under the mat. She is no stranger to racial 'unfairness' and has used her intelligence to triumph over most people around her, making her a seemingly unpleasant person to be around, due to not allowing herself to generally attach herself to others (it has been this way for her since she was a young child, and it no longer 'bugs' her.) She is an unusually fast learner and adaptive to her surroundings, with a naturally cool and to the point demeanor. Those doesn't extend to the creative arts, which she finds no use for generally, and denies herself the frivolity of it. Alice is more of a listener and is exceptionally observant to her surroundings and the people she interacts with, but has zero 'bedside manner' which makes her an excellent medic, denying herself the compassion to those fearful, in pain or dying. Alice is often times detached from her surroundings, which many people find perturbing, making her seem cold and crass as she says whats on her mind no matter how potentially insulting it may be. Her life has taught her that closeness and care for others could be her downfall and will oftentimes disallow herself the chance to grow close to others making her appear moderately single-minded on her efforts of survival.

WEAPONS/ARMORS: Alice has a very comfortable sense of style, but has no problem sticking to medical clothing when she has nothing else, this along with two black stain resistant lab coats which she has held onto since before the old world fell to hell, this and two separate pairs of surgical scrub pants (one pair which is two big for her) which have served her well in her time as a 'field medic'. This along with a worn 'leather' jacket, with a deep unfixed tear on the right arm serve to keep her from wet weather conditions. Kept along with the rest of her belongings are two boxes of surgical gloves, and a facial masks, she has otherwise has no proper weather ready clothing.

In terms of weaponry, Alice has a hand taser with a sight for use against human enemies, however this has no use against the dead. This and an extending police baton which she holds on her holster along with the taser serve very little use in combat situations against the infected which she has little experience. However, as is expected of the camp, Alice has been granted access to a 9mm semi automatic pistol which sits otherwise useless without a clip in her bunk, as her hubris has her believing she has no need for excessive force.

STRENGTHS: Alice considers her coldness and single mindedness an attribute, and given she has very little care for the opinions of those around her, which allows her to disconnect from most situations in a logical fashion and solve trivial matters quickly. As a fast learner, it has taken her very little time to augment her medical know-how to the new world around her. This with what little she knows about surviving outdoors has allowed her to survive somewhat comfortably. Not only does she have years of medical training under her belt, but also what little she picked up from both of her parents discussions in her youth has allowed her to become somewhat of a 'jack of all trades' in the new world, allowing her to go from a specialist to someone who handles all things in the medical field that she otherwise was untrained to do (which includes, basic first aid and veterinary training, as humans and animals aren't exactly too different in her eyes.) Alice has a fast memory and is a moderately good cartographer and mechanic, able to recall names, faces and read information quickly without effort, as well as document resources. This is useful when it comes to recovering items that others would write off as nothing, as well as keeping an eye on the threats surrounding her. Due to her small size, Alice has no problem getting in and out of small spaces, making her a decent sneak and vital in recon missions as she might be able to hide in places that others would choose not to look as well as avoid detection when necessary. In terms of personal effects which could be considered a strength, Alice has a surplus of information gathered in a series of files she has made in her time as a medic, but these are otherwise documented in her head and unnecessary if she needed to go on the run. She has a well stocked medical bag of her own, kept in a military grade rucksack and freshly stocked with rarities (sterile bandages, unused syringes, five vials of morphine) she would never trade in. This and her small collection of faberge eggs (which she has traded twice) are kept in the rucksack underneath some bare basic clothing she had gathered in her travels.

WEAKNESSES: Alice is unaware of how bad the infection actually is, and this has a habit of getting her in trouble as she had little to no knowledge about the infected on the scale that it actually. This naivety generally leaves her unprepared when faced against infected enemies, and usually has her relying on the people around her to keep her from being harmed as her combat expertise is slim to none. Alice doesn't have a filter, which often makes it hard for her to find those who choose to interact with her in any long term capacity, this has its benefits and drawbacks but more often than not, leaves her at a disadvantage from getting on the 'good side' of those she interacts with. Alice is not much of a social creature and can be considered a 'know it all' which often rubs peope the wrong way. She has very little personal survival instinct, and has been known to 'turn off' when necessary and can be somewhat of a risk to herself. Not that she would allow herself the chance to have some kind of intervention for her lack of self care or awareness, but there could be the beginning of self-hate brewing under her cold demeanour which will only end up getting her killed if shes not careful. Her fear is less with the living and more with the dead, and she has no issue dispatching the living first and foremost.

Alice was born in the Guangdong Province in Hong Kong and was the only child of her parents (who conceived her in America where they both lived.) She lived with her Grandmother for the majority of her young life before travelling back to Detroit at the age of seven. Both of her parents were doctors, her father a surgeon and her mother a gynecologist and so medicine was a common discussion in her family, which lead her to have an early fascination with the human body. When she turned fourteen her grandmother was diagnosed with stage four cancer from an untreated melanoma, which traveled to her liver, brain and lungs. After a very short lived battle, her grandmother passed away and Alice put forth the beginning stages to learn about cancer and its treatment so that she could treat those who had it and hopefully save families the loss from treatable cancers as she was unable to do with her grandmother.

While attending the University of Texas, Alice received the highest honors and hoped to become a Surgical Oncologist (which she eventually succeeded in doing) and while she was away received news of her parents untimely passing in a car accident. The loss of her family as a whole both in America and not, made a deep impact on Alice as a person and focusing on her education and eventually her career allowed her to process the grief in a way of her own which effects her to this day. She returned to Detroit in adulthood and took residence as a surgeon at the DMC Heart Hospital, living on her own in a small apartment deep in the heart of the city. When the infection struck, Alice was away from home in another state but was flown home in an attempt to add her expertise in finding out where the source of the Plague was coming from. Unfortunately for her, after it became obvious the disease was rampant and dangerous, she was forced to flee the hospital back to her apartment before the hospital and its living (and 'non-living') patients were engulfed in a fire bomb by the military.

Despite her best interests telling her to stay put, Alice gathered what little she could find in her apartment and fled in her car to a remote cabin she had traveled with friends to a few years prior in a hopes to gather her bearings, but in her short time in the cabin was attacked by local living residents, leaving her wounded by a knife on her right arm, causing her to leave on foot with what little supplies she carried on her person from her car, where she has traveled ever since.

Alice managed to find a small farm of people several miles from the cabin, and took place as the resident doctor, where she treated wounds, offered varying treatments to the sick and injured and helped in disposing of the bodies of those who had passed (and threatened to return.) Knowing shes not much of a fighter, Alice is most comfortable caring for and being cared for by others, but finds difficulty in 'making friends' due to her personality. Alice has spent the months of the infection, not actively exposed to the threat and has no idea just how bad the world has fallen in her absence from 'society' but doesn't miss the life she had, as she finds worth in the work she does now. Her end goal is to find someone who can connect her with the government properly where she can add her medical expertise into a pool of scientists in hoping to develop a cure.
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Alice Ling Jiao's Biography
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